Monday, 25 May 2015

Marriage Equality in Ireland - Overview

Our survey has revealed that 65% of Irish people plan to vote Yes, and 17% planning to vote No. A further 10% have yet to decide with 8% preferring not to say.

71% of Females plan to vote Yes compared to 55% of males with 27% of males siding with the No vote compared to only 10% of females.

21% of adults surveyed said they were not likely to vote on the Marriage Referendum with half of these (50%) eligible but not registered to vote on Friday. More females at 60% are not registered to vote compared to 40% of males.

Of those not intending to vote on Friday, 50% are eligible to vote but not registered, 20% are unable to vote while the remaining 30% feel the Referendum does not concern them.

Note to editors:  This survey of 1,000 adults is nationally representative by Age, Gender, Region and Social Class but is not structured as a Poll reflecting electoral or constituency voting.

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Monday, 11 May 2015

When buying online 77% of Irish people consider trust as most important

In March 2015 iReach Insights conducted a survey of 1,000 people regarding online shopping in Ireland. Our new survey has revealed trust (77%) is the factor that most likely encourage online purchases in Ireland, while 63% of Irish people say they would like to see the product in a good picture to see what they are buying and 56% say they would buy a product if it is cheaper online. Easy sales process (55%) and an easy returns policy (59%) are also very important for Irish consumers.

Recommendations, in-store visits and online review are the main influencers that causes strongest impact on online purchases in Ireland.

As for devices used when shopping online, laptop (77%) is the most popular amongst Irish online consumers, followed by desktop (53%), mobile phone (36%) and tablet (34%). Both tablets (up from 26% to 34%) and smartphones (up from 28% to 36%) continue to grow in popularity if compared to 2014.

“59% of Irish people say they would never pay for Online News”

Irish Times have recently announced that they will be introducing a paywall for their online content, meaning that if you want to read the full news content online, you have to pay a monthly subscription fee.

In February 2015 iReach Insights conducted a survey of 1,000 people regarding newspapers and media channels in Ireland. Results show that although 55% of Irish people say they read news online everyday (only 13% percent of consumers buy Newspaper on a daily basis), 59% say they would never pay for online news.

When asked about trusting the information of all news sources, the survey showed Radio (90%) and TV News (87%) are considered by Irish audience to be the most trustworthy, followed by newspapers in which consumers showed the same level of trust to newspaper content regardless of distribution channel - 81% for both printed and online. Blogs and Forums are the less trusted news sources (40%).

Irish people opinion regarding payments for online content – Key Findings:
24% Would not pay a monthly subscription, but would pay a once off fee if it was not available for free
12% Would pay between €10 and €15 to access the favourite newspaper content online
5% Would pay between €15 and €30 to access the favourite newspaper content online