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Changing Female Purchasing Power in Ireland

iReach SheCommerce Quarterly Tracker

Each quarter iReach run our SheCommerce Tracker which is a survey of over 1,000 females in Ireland  to study changes in purchasing trends. In the changed economic reality of Ireland today, females have taken centre stage for a wider range of purchase decisions.  Irish females are highly connected and are heavily influenced by Social Media commentary. It is likely that Social Media is filling a void or disconnect for females as many feel advertisers are not ‘talking’ to them but an older stereotype of a ‘grocery mum.

Female Purchasing Power Survey Headlines:
·         Females now account for 58% of all purchase decisions in Ireland, and it’s no longer just grocery shopping
·         41% of females feel that advertisers don’t understand them with a high of 54% saying that Financial Services advertising is not targeted at them
·         Social Media has directly impacted on purchase decisions of 77% of females in Ireland

Even with such purchasing power, many females feel a disconnect with Advertising in Ireland, which is seen as targeting older ‘stereotypical norms’ of females as just the ‘main grocery shopper’.  Filling this void or disconnect is Social Media,  with 77% of adult Females in Ireland saying that Social Media commentary has directly impacted on a purchase decision.

Females now directly influence 58% of all purchase decisions including key financial decisions such as savings, pensions and investments. More Females are also directly influencing technology decisions such as PCs, Smart Devices, Broadband and Digital TV. Other male dominated purchase decisions such as cars are now more influenced by females than ever before.

Females in Ireland are heavily influenced by Social Media with 77% saying that online comments have directly impacted on their purchase decision; both having a positive impact reinforcing their decision or having a negative impact, making them change their minds.

 Impact of Social Media on Females in Ireland – Key findings
·         82% of females say positive recommendation will reinforce purchase decision
·         72% of females  say that negative comments or commentary online has made them change their minds on purchase decisions
·         83% of females say they are more likely to purchase a product or service if they can find additional recommendations about them online
·         86% of Females go online to do additional research after getting a word of mouth recommendation about a product or service (they may want to purchase), before they decide to purchase it
·         48% of females are now using their Smart Phones while out shopping. Activities include price checking, looking for promotional coupons and product review sites.  Only 6% of females in Ireland scan QR codes,

This research from iReach highlights that Brand owners and advertisers need to re-consider their target audience and reflect on the changing role of females today and their influence on the majority of purchase decisions across financial services, technology, car as well as FMCG.

Reality Check – Only 10% Dual Screening in Ireland

Reality Check – Only 10% Dual Screening in Ireland

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