Friday, 22 April 2016

Euro 2016: How the recent terror attacks impacted Irish people's plan

Euro 2016 will take place this coming summer and Ireland is getting ready. iReach insights has conducted a ‘nationally representative’ survey of 1,000 adults about their interest in travelling to France for the upcoming Ireland’s football matches.

In general the majority of respondents (95%) don’t intend to travel to France for Euro 2016. Just a small percentage of respondents (5%) intend to go or thought about going to France in order to experience it. The data reveal 9% of young adults (18-34yrs) are interested in travelling to France, more than 3% of middle aged adults (35-54yrs).

Considering the recent terror attacks we asked them if this unfortunate occurrence has had an impact on their intention to travel.

In general the majority still intend to go with 15% saying the terror attacks have no effect on their travel plans and 44% say they are concerned but are still willing to go. Although the level of concern is still significant: 33% of people initially intending to go have either decided not to go or are considering not going. Men (16%) appear less concerned about the risks of travelling to France this summer than women (50%).