Wednesday, 11 January 2017

Winter Blues ☃

52% of people feel deflated returning to work in January.

34% experience low energy and lack of motivation in January and February.
61% cite lack of bright light available naturally due to shorter winter days as a reason for the Winter Blues.

69% of adults in Ireland believe that they are strong enough to beat the Winter blues and stay positive and upbeat while 8% don’t feel like they are strong enough to beat the winter blues and stay positive and upbeat.
Ways to combat the Winter Blues; 86% relax in home, 82% go out for walks, 80% spend time with family and friends.

In a recent survey conducted by iReach Insights, 1,000 adults were asked about Winter blues and how they go about combatting them. Over half (52%) of adults in Ireland feel deflated returning to work in January with 61% of respondents citing lack of bright natural light as reason for the Winter Blues and one in four citing unpaid credit card bills for Christmas expenses as a reason for feeling low.

When asked “Do you experience any issues in the month of January/February?” 34% of people in Ireland experience low energy and lack of motivation. 23% of people experience lethargy, 18% experience anxiety, 17% experience sleep problems and 16% of people experience depression.
In order to combat those Winter Blues 86% of respondents will relax at home, 82% of respondents will go out for walks and 80% will spend time with their family and friends. One in three (35%) of us will focus on work, one in four (27%) of us will come up with a new personal image and one in five (22%) will volunteer in the community.

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