Tuesday, 30 May 2017

Free online briefings - 5 Case Studies on Getting closer to the Consumer

For further details, email Ryan O'Sullivan at: ryan@ireachhq.com to call 01-214 3740

5 Unique case studies looking at how to get closer to the Consumer.
From Digital and Traditional Media Effectiveness to Segmentation, Satisfaction and Consumer Preferences.
Case Studies including :

iReach launch 5 free online briefings on Case Studies to help you get closer to your Customers or Consumer Segments.

iReach are running a unique week of daily briefings before we hit the holiday period to update attendees on key trends in marketing and insights. Sign up for any or all free briefings run online.

Monday June 12th to Friday June 16th
12.30pm to 1.15pm each day

  • Monday 12th Carzone.ie Study: Segmentation and Personalisation can work hand-in-hand.
Learn from an iReach case study on the use of Consumer Segmentation to direct SEO and Social Media strategy delivering a personalised message to Carzone.ie customers and prospects in Ireland including Mums in Munster and Make Millennials in Dublin.
  • Tuesday 13th Joe.ie Study: Measure Native Digital Content Campaign to maximise conversions.
Spend on Native Digital Advertising is the fastest growing market across digital and online media platforms. Which increase importance and spend value, Brand and Media owners need affordable and insightful KPIs to measure campaign effectiveness and maximize ROI (Return on Investment).
  • Wednesday 14th Sky Study: Use Persona’s to understand your Buyers and Purchasing Process.
From Youth, Millennials to Gen Z Brand and Product owners need to better understand consumer groups to deliver more personalised and targeted advertising and messaging. Use Personas’ to get ‘into the heads’ of buyer cohorts and build a detailed picture of attitudes, lifestyles and behaviours for each ‘bulls-eye’ cluster.
  • Thursday 15th Multi Client Study: Advanced Analytics of Consumer Behaviours and Preferences.
Use affordable data analytics to build accurate views on the needs and preferences of consumers when creating new products (NPD), Proposition and Pricing testing to find the most optimum mix of product features or attributes and maximise margins. Run Competitive Benchmarking to compare your products or promotions with the competition.
  • Friday 16th ebookers Study: Power Sales, Marketing and Ad Strategy with Branded Research Communities.
A Research Community is a custom panel of your Customers or Prospects built and managed by iReach on behalf of the Brand owner. We call this ‘all the time’ research using a mix of traditional and online research methods to uncover insights from your research community.

For further details, email Ryan O'Sullivan at: ryan@ireachhq.com to call 01-214 3740

Acquisition (3/3) - Lookalike Audiences

"This powerful form of social advertising enables you to acquire contacts similar to your best customers by sharing their demographic and/or behavioral data with social platforms such as Facebook and Twitter. 
The social network then identifies additional users that have similar characteristics and allows you to create supertargeted communications

While there are numerous database growth tactics available to marketers today, these three acquisition strategies (SOCIAL LOGIN, SOCIAL ADVERTISING, LOOKALIKE AUDIENCES) can help you increase your targeting abilities while providing an improved acquisition ROI" (Return On Investment). 

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Monday, 29 May 2017

Acquisition (2/3) - Social Advertising 🎯

"Social networks have an immense amount of user data. Today, they offer marketers advanced targeting options that can be used in a variety of strategic ways. Examples include:

  • Interest-based targeting: Match users’ reported or known areas of interest, such as a particular sport, profession, industry, product, travel, etc. 
  • Behavioral-based targeting: Leverage behaviors such as app downloads, purchases, likes, etc. to drive relevant content. 
  • Location-based targeting: Reach audiences within certain geographic parameters, such as the radius of a city, and provide related offers. 

Marketers also have the option of creating custom audiences, in which they provide a list of people they want to target based not only on social data, but also demographic data and behavioral actions taken outside of the social network (case study downloads, product purchases, email opens, etc.). Regardless of which combination of approaches you take, consider making social advertising an integral part of your acquisition efforts."

To be continued...
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Friday, 26 May 2017

Acquisition (1/3) - Social Login 👥

In its article "15 Ideas for Anchoring Your Marketing Approach Around Customer Behaviors and Preferences", IBM Marketing Cloud is talking about Acquisition.

"With constant pressure in many companies to grow their contact list/database, acquisition is a key function for the majority of marketers. Typically, effective marketers use a combination of several tactics to drive database growth, including events, focus groups, content marketing, print/TV/radio advertising, SEO, paid media, social, telemarketing, email, SMS and more. Some marketers tend to focus on more outbound activities despite the potential for inbound marketing to substantially improve lead generation results. If your message is already resonating with an individual, then there’s a good chance of that person converting from an unknown to a known lead through the acquisition process. Here are some easy-to-implement tactics to help enhance your acquisition efforts:

More than 2 billion people (about 1/3 of the world’s population) use social networks. Allowing customers to register using one of their social IDs such as Facebook, Twitter or LinkedIn can help make the opt-in experience faster and better, something that’s even more critical given the increase in engagement on smartphones, where filling out forms can be cumbersome. 

From a marketer’s perspective, this reduces form abandonment and provides access to key pieces of customers’ social profile data (exact fields vary depending on the social network) that can be used to retarget and personalize the customer experience. Relatively easy to implement, social login is a list acquisition strategy you should strongly consider if you aren’t already employing it."
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Thursday, 11 May 2017

Summer 2017: what Irish people are planning to do? 🌞

Our recent iReach survey has revealed that 72% of adults in Ireland are planning to go on holidays this summer!

Of those going on holiday 68% are holidaying abroad. And you know what? Spain is the most popular summer destination! ⛳

In terms of popular Irish summer destinations, 36% will go to Kerry, 25% - Galway, 22% - Cork, 22% - Mayo and 20% - Wexford.

Summer is the hottest season with the longest days, the shortest nights and people that take advantage of the warmer temperatures by spending more time outdoors and going on holidays. In a recent survey conducted by iReach Insights, 1,000 adults were asked about their plans for Summer. As a result, 72% of people in Ireland are planning to go on holidays this Summer.

When asked “Are you going to spend your Summer holidays abroad or in Ireland this year?”, 68% state they will go abroad, 15% will holiday in Ireland and 17% will spend holidays abroad as well as in Ireland. Going deeper it’s emerged that, on one side, of those that decide to holiday abroad - 72% are men and 64% are women; and on the other side, of those that decide to holiday in Ireland 9% are men and 20% women. Then there is a trend that women prefer to spend summer holidays in Ireland more than men. In terms of destinations when asked where planning the holidays 38% of adults in Ireland choose Spain, 19% Portugal, 13% Italy, 12% England and 9% France.

When asked “What do you enjoy about holiday?” 98% of people enjoy relaxing, 90% enjoy the break from work. Other popular choices were drinking alcohol (79%), going to the beach (78%), shopping (67%) and exercising (53%). 

When asked “What do you love most about Summer?”, 75% love the warmer temperatures, 63% - longer days, 61% - the sun and 49% love spending more time with family and friends.

The majority of people in Ireland (59%) state that Summer is their favorite season. Although Summer is yet to come the survey highlights that people plan summer holidays far in advance.

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