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Of those who have used a dating app or website, 50% have had a relationship with someone they have met on these.

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25th March 2019

Of those who have used a dating app or website, 50% have had a relationship with someone they have met on these. 

71% of women and 53% of men believe that meeting someone online can be dangerous.

Top 5 qualities that the adults in Ireland look for in a partner are being; 1. Trustworthy (74%), 2. Kind-hearted (72%), 3. Loyal (64%), 4. Funny (62%), and 5. Intelligent (60%).

Top 3 Don’ts on a dinner date are; 1. Spending a lot of time on the phone (73%), 2. Bad manners (69%), and 3. Being rude to the waiting staff (64%). 
    There is a growing supply of apps and online social media platforms, meaning the range of dating apps and websites is also increasing. According to Forbes, there are over 8000 online dating services available worldwide, with 1000 new ones being launched every year. But how do adults in Ireland feel about these new opportunities? In order to find answers to these questions, iReach Insights conducted a nationally representative survey on 1000 adults in Ireland.

    Despite the fact that the online dating scene is becoming more and more popular, only 20% of adults in Ireland have been on a dating website, and an equally low percentage (21%) stated that they have used a dating app, with Tinder (43%), PlentyofFish (18%) and Grindr (7%) being their favourite dating apps.  88% have never been on a blind-date.

    Among those who have used an online dating service, every second person (50%) confirmed that they have been in a relationship with someone that they met from a dating website or app. This number has increased in comparison to last year (by +6%). Although this is a positive of online dating services, the majority of adults in Ireland still share scepticism towards the new digital age of dating. 69% believe that most people only portray the best side of themselves on online dating platforms and 62% believe that meeting someone online can be dangerous. Women (71%) seem to be more concerned about the dangers than men (53%).  

    In general, the top qualities that the adults in Ireland look for in a partner are being trustworthy (74%), kind-hearted (72%), loyal (64%), funny (62%), intelligent (60%) and easy-going (60%). Furthermore, restaurants/ bars/ pubs (72%), cinemas (18%), or ice cream cafés (17%) are considered as being the best locations for a first-date in order to get to know the potential Mr or Mrs Right.

    Therefore, it is not surprising, that many have specified that they met their current partner out socializing (27%), e.g. at a bar or pub, through friends (22%) or at the workplace (20%). 

    The worst nightmare for a date would be, if the other person spends a lot of time on his/her phone (73%), has bad manners (69%), is rude to the waiting staff (64%), spends the night talking about his/her ex (64%), or drinks too much (53%).

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    Questions asked of participants:

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