Friday, 30 June 2017

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81% of adults in Ireland shop online πŸ“±

69% of online shoppers in Ireland shop online due to time convenience ⏳

Unsurprisingly, more women shop online (85%) than men (77%).

67% of consumers shop online due to lower prices πŸ’°

More men shop online for technology (52%) compared to women (26%) πŸ“Ί

More women shop online for clothes (83%), compared to men (55%) πŸ‘—

Online shopping has surged in recent years as advancements in technology continue to develop. In our recent survey, we asked the habits of 1000 adults in Ireland regarding online shopping and their usage of the service. In November, we conducted a survey with the same questions and found there to be more shoppers using online services due to low prices in June (67%), compared to 56% in November. Less online shoppers now identify better selection of products to be reasons for shopping online (48%), compared to November (55%).

Internet usage is rising unceasingly, and online shopping is giving access to individuals on the go and at home, to explore and purchase a wide variety of items. Some stores are solely online with their products constrained to their sites and have proved to be a successful business model. Online shopping allows anyone to shop with an assortment of products without having to leave the comfort your couch! Regarding the users of online shopping 85% of females online shopping, and males fall behind with 77%. The differences between the age and usage of online shopping seem to have well over majority of younger adults using online shopping (86%), around four out of five (79%) of middle-aged adults and just three-fourths of older adults using the service (76%).

The shoppers’ preferences behind online shopping were identified, with the majority (69%) using the service for its convenience with 24-hour availability. With the next most commonly chosen motive being low prices (67%), and then better selection of products 48%, time saving 48%. When asked “Why are you reluctant to shop online?” the respondents’ basis was, 57% “I can’t see or try the products”. Older adults are more reluctant to online shop due to security regarding payment (41%), than young adults (33%), and middle-aged adults (29%). Although younger adult consumers are more reluctant to shop online due to difficulty returning products (49%).

Over three-quarters (81%) of adults shop online. Of the shoppers using the online services 70% are buying clothes, 59% tickets (plane, concert, etc.), 40% books, 38% technology. Since being asked in November, there has been a decrease in the number of online shoppers buying technology online, in June it has been 38%, compared to 54% back in November. Also, more online shoppers were buying beauty products in November (28%), compared to June (23%). Of older adult’s online shoppers 69% shop online for concert, plane, etc. tickets, compared to 57% young adults, and 58% middle-aged. More Men buy technology online (52%) than Women (26%); however, more Women buy clothes online (83%) than Men (55%).

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