Monday, 19 June 2017

About Job - Part 2 πŸ’ΌπŸ“„

  • 70% of adults in Ireland think changing jobs too often looks bad on a CV!
  • Women are more likely than men to leave a job before having signed a new contract!
  • Almost half of adults think up to 5 years is the appropriate time staying with the same company. 
  • When looking for a new job, 65% search online!
  • Almost half of men use LinkedIn daily, when looking for a new job.

Changing jobs can be a tough decision to make, but staying in a job when you’re unhappy can be its own kind of torture. In a recent survey conducted by iReach Insights, 1000 adults in Ireland were asked about changing jobs and searching for a new one. One in five (18%) who work full-time or part-time have changed their job in the past year. 

When is the right time to change job? In terms of the appropriate length of time to stay with the same company, 5% think a year or less, 41% think 1-5 years, 16% think anywhere between 6-10 years and 38% think over 10 years. This result is also justified by the fact that 70% of adults think changing jobs too often looks bad on CV. Delving deeper into reasons why it looks bad on the CV; 62% think potential employers could think you’d leave the company you applied to quickly, 50% believe potential employers could think that you don’t know what you want and 30% believe potential employers could think that you’re not a good worker. As everything in life, there is always two sides to every argument. For those who think it doesn't look bad on the CV, the reasons are; 66% believe employers could think that you want to get more experience, 30% believe potential employers could think you are interested in different industries and 28% believe potential employers might think that you are open minded because you are young. 

Have you ever quit a job before signing new contract? 64% of people in Ireland state they have never done this, 16% have and 20% can’t remember. Additionally, of those that said “yes” 14% are men and 19% are women, showing that women in Ireland are more likely to leave a job before having signed a new contract.

Now the question is, where do people in Ireland usually look for a new job? 65% search on jobs websites, 30% ask colleagues and family members if they know about a job vacancy, 27% approach recruitment agencies and 15% use LinkedIn. The study also showed that 30% [Male; 46%, Female; 14%] use LinkedIn daily, 22% weekly and 48% monthly or less.

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