Friday, 2 June 2017

June Bank Holiday is coming! πŸŽ‰

28% will go abroad this June bank holiday!

68% of adults in Ireland associate bank holidays as being a relaxing day.

Females (45%) are more likely to visit family and friends during the long weekend than males (30%).

58% of adults in Ireland feel rejuvenated, rested and connected after bank holidays.

Irish bank holidays are days of civil, religious celebration or a day that commemorate an event. We’ve been lucky with all our holidays recently, with Easter and the May bank holiday just a close memory away. Now the June bank holiday is nearly upon us! With summer coming, people can enjoy the pleasant weather and go to local cultural and sporting events or take advantage of this long weekend to do something more adventurous. In a recent survey conducted by iReach Insights, 1000 adults were asked all about their opinion regarding bank holidays. Unsurprisingly, the majority (90%) of adults in Ireland like bank holidays.

For the most part, 68% of adults say that the most suitable word they would associate with a bank holiday is “relaxing” [Male; 64%, Female; 71%]. When whether they had plans for the June bank holiday weekend, almost half (48%) don’t have plans, 28% have plans for this long weekend and 24% don’t know yet. During the long weekend, 39% of adults in Ireland visit their family or their friends - interestingly females (45%) are more likely to do so than males (30%). 28% go abroad – this is more common for males (34%) than in females (23%). 27% go out for drinks and the proportion of people going for drinks decreases with age. In fact, people of 18-34 years (40%) are more likely to go out for drinks than those of 55+ years (18%). One in sixteen adults (6%) will be working this bank holiday.

Half of adults in Ireland (51%) agree with the fact that they feel more productive and more energised about the future after a long bank holiday weekend, 32% are neutral and 17% disagree. 58% of adults in Ireland feel rejuvenated, rested and connected after bank holidays and 59% agree that bank holidays bring them closer to their loved ones. One in five (18%) adults in Ireland feel more financial pressure after a bank holiday weekend, with male males (21%) feeling the pressure more than females (15%).

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