Monday, 12 June 2017

About Job - Part 1 πŸ’ΌπŸ‘”

  • 63% of workers in Ireland think they deserve a pay rise! 
  • One in 5 employees in Ireland have changed their job in the past year!
  • Women (74%) are happier with their current job than men (61%).
It is well known that following our professional aspirations can have many positive knock-on effects in various aspects of our lives. Nowadays, choosing a job has become a decision that is more complex, and people are not choosing jobs solely based on the highest paid salary. It is increasingly related to different aspects than it was in the past e.g. workplace environment and social life. In our new survey, we asked 1000 adults in Ireland about their views on changing jobs and what encourages people to consider leaving a job. More than half (53%) have a full-time job, 19% work part-time and 29% are neither part-time nor full-time employees. Of those who are working, one in 5 (18%) has changed their job in the past year! 

Different issues can influence your decision to stay or leave a company and interestingly, in our new study, it emerged that work environment and feelings weigh in on considering the choice to move on. In fact, when asked “How happy are you with your current job?” 67% are happy, 19% neither happy or unhappy and 14% unhappy. Delving deeper into those that are happy, 74% are women and 61% are men.

“Money is money” and being happy in work is one thing but what do people in Ireland think they deserve financially? 63% of workers in Ireland think they deserve a pay rise, 27% a bonus and 24% a promotion to a higher position. However, 75% haven’t received any promotion, pay-rise or bonus in the last 6 months. Now the question is, what are the reasons that people in Ireland are seriously considering quitting a job? 81% [Male; 76%, Female; 86%] indicate high stress levels, 73% [Male; 69%, Female; 77%] negative work colleagues, 59% when personal values differ from company values, 56% when the job isn’t a challenge anymore and 19% [Male; 28%, Female; 11%] would seriously consider quitting a job due to a lack of social scene with co-workers.

The idea that “life is too short to spend at a job that you don’t like” pushes people in Ireland to consider carefully many different factors when choosing a job. Factors that people in Ireland consider to be the top 5 most important factors when deciding to accept a job offer are: a good salary (89%), location of workplace (67%), opportunity for advancement (54%), positive job atmosphere (52%) and the job role specifics (49%).

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