Tuesday, 4 July 2017

Check out our last survey results about cyberbullying and social media!

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20% of 16-18 year olds have been affected by cyberbullying!

23% more (43%) have witnessed cyberbullying!

9% more females (23%) than males (14%) have been affected by cyberbullying.

Witnessing cyberbullying has greater presence among the 16-years age group as 9% more 16-year-olds (47%) have witnessed cyberbullying than 17-year-olds (38%).

70% of the 16-18 age group rely on the internet to find out about college courses and CAO points. 

92% of young people (aged 16-18) use online resources for educational purposes.

Cyberbullying, although a relatively new phenomenon, is a definite downside that comes along with the technological advances that have been integrated into today’s society. A study, regarding cyberbullying and social media in general, involving 225 young people between the ages of 16-18 took place between the 25th of May and ran until the 13th of June. The participants were asked to complete an online survey and here is what we found:

43% of the 16-18 age demographic have witnessed cyberbullying and it is surprising to learn that 33% of 18-year-olds have been affected by cyberbullying, since cyberbullying is usually associated with a younger age demographic. Additionally, our findings revealing that 9% more females than males have been affected by cyberbullying suggest that females aged 16-18 are a vulnerable group when it comes to cyberbullying – 18-year-old females appear to be the most vulnerable with 43% having been affected by cyberbullying. Cyberbullying has a greater presence in towns (26%) than in cities (15%) and the countryside (19%) which suggests that smaller urban regions are more susceptible to the effects of cyberbullying.

These cyberbullying figures might make you wonder to what extent are these young people (16-18 years) interacting with social media? Astonishingly, 46% of the 16-18 age group claim that they are logged into their social media accounts throughout the day (morning – night) and surprisingly 10% more males (53%) than females (43%) claim to be logged in throughout the day. For females, the morning time is the most common time to log into social media (47%) which could mean that they do not like to leave their social media accounts unchecked for long periods of time!

Less surprisingly, Snapchat is the most popular social media app for the 16-18 age cohort for both males and females. Females (22%) tend to prefer Pinterest more so than males (6%) by 16%. Whereas males (91%) favour Facebook more so than females (85%) by 6%. Twitter is most popular amongst 16-18-year-olds residing in the countryside at 25% compared to 18% in the cities, furthermore when it comes to Whatsapp (a communication app) it is 10% more popular in the cities (51%) than in towns and the countryside (both 41%) – perhaps this is due to higher quality internet services in the cities.

Online websites prove popular among the 16-18 age group for educational purposes with 92% using them. Nevertheless, when comparing female usage with male usage of educational websites the findings exhibit that at age 18 100% of females use educational websites compared to 57% of males of the same age – a 43% difference! Since this is around Leaving Certificate age, it is surprising that more males are not using online educational resources. Additionally, when it comes to learning about college courses and CAO points the majority of 16-18-year-olds (70%) rely on the internet which means that it is important what is out there on the World Wide Web regarding college courses and CAO points in Ireland.

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