Thursday, 11 May 2017

Summer 2017: what Irish people are planning to do? 🌞

Our recent iReach survey has revealed that 72% of adults in Ireland are planning to go on holidays this summer!

Of those going on holiday 68% are holidaying abroad. And you know what? Spain is the most popular summer destination! ⛳

In terms of popular Irish summer destinations, 36% will go to Kerry, 25% - Galway, 22% - Cork, 22% - Mayo and 20% - Wexford.

Summer is the hottest season with the longest days, the shortest nights and people that take advantage of the warmer temperatures by spending more time outdoors and going on holidays. In a recent survey conducted by iReach Insights, 1,000 adults were asked about their plans for Summer. As a result, 72% of people in Ireland are planning to go on holidays this Summer.

When asked “Are you going to spend your Summer holidays abroad or in Ireland this year?”, 68% state they will go abroad, 15% will holiday in Ireland and 17% will spend holidays abroad as well as in Ireland. Going deeper it’s emerged that, on one side, of those that decide to holiday abroad - 72% are men and 64% are women; and on the other side, of those that decide to holiday in Ireland 9% are men and 20% women. Then there is a trend that women prefer to spend summer holidays in Ireland more than men. In terms of destinations when asked where planning the holidays 38% of adults in Ireland choose Spain, 19% Portugal, 13% Italy, 12% England and 9% France.

When asked “What do you enjoy about holiday?” 98% of people enjoy relaxing, 90% enjoy the break from work. Other popular choices were drinking alcohol (79%), going to the beach (78%), shopping (67%) and exercising (53%). 

When asked “What do you love most about Summer?”, 75% love the warmer temperatures, 63% - longer days, 61% - the sun and 49% love spending more time with family and friends.

The majority of people in Ireland (59%) state that Summer is their favorite season. Although Summer is yet to come the survey highlights that people plan summer holidays far in advance.

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