Monday, 29 May 2017

Acquisition (2/3) - Social Advertising 🎯

"Social networks have an immense amount of user data. Today, they offer marketers advanced targeting options that can be used in a variety of strategic ways. Examples include:

  • Interest-based targeting: Match users’ reported or known areas of interest, such as a particular sport, profession, industry, product, travel, etc. 
  • Behavioral-based targeting: Leverage behaviors such as app downloads, purchases, likes, etc. to drive relevant content. 
  • Location-based targeting: Reach audiences within certain geographic parameters, such as the radius of a city, and provide related offers. 

Marketers also have the option of creating custom audiences, in which they provide a list of people they want to target based not only on social data, but also demographic data and behavioral actions taken outside of the social network (case study downloads, product purchases, email opens, etc.). Regardless of which combination of approaches you take, consider making social advertising an integral part of your acquisition efforts."

To be continued...
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