Monday, 6 July 2020

39% are now wearing masks and gloves since the Covid-19 outbreak first started. Individual worries have shifted from the Pandemic’s impact on the Irish economy to worries about their Jobs and Employment.

Last month, the Government advised that face masks or coverings should be worn in situations where social distancing might be difficult while an increase in demand for face masks has led to the publication of new safety guidelines by the Competition and Consumer Protection Commission.

To gauge public reaction and impacts of Covid-19, iReach ran a nationwide Poll of adults in Ireland last March and again in May, running from the 21st to 27th. Each survey delivered over 1,000 responses and are nationally representative. We have compared shifts in attitudes in the 2-month period between late March and late May. Concerns for Jobs and Employment have increased since March.

·      39% are now wearing masks or gloves showing a significant increase since the outbreak first started. 

·     53% have had to change their holiday plans overseas in order to avoid travel compared to the 25% in March who had planned to change their holiday plans.

·     29% of respondents are working full time from home which is an increase from the 11% who were working from home in March. 

·     One in four (25%) are still stocking up on food with a further 6% of respondents still stocking up on fuel. 

Top 3 Concerns for Worry Surrounding Covid-19

1.     Respondents rank the health of their family as their main concern for worry (with 89% ranking this as a top-3 concern) following the outbreak of Covid-19.

2.     Respondents then ranked their own health as their second biggest concern or worry surrounding Covid-19 (with 70% of respondents ranking this as a top-3 concern).

3.     There was a third concern over the impact Covid-19 would have on their jobs or employment (with 61% of respondents ranking this as a top-3 concern). This has replaced the impact on the Irish Economy as a Top issue for adults in Ireland. 

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The nationwide poll delivered 1,000 responses and is Nationally Representative by Age, Region, Gender and Socioeconomic demographics and ran between the 21st and the 27th of May 2020 and has a 2.5% Confidence Interval and 95% Confidence Level.

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