Thursday, 23 July 2020

The majority (91%) are aware of the new Covid-19 tracking app and over half (52%) have downloaded the tracking app.

86% of people who have downloaded the app have been using it frequently and half (50%) find it easy to use

Following the release of the Covid-19 tracking app earlier this month, iReach has surveyed 1,000 adults in Ireland to determine their awareness of the app and their use of the app. The survey ran between the 9th July and 16th July 2020.

·      The majority (91%) are aware of the new Covid-19 tracking app and over half (52%) have downloaded the tracking app.

·     Half (50%) of all adults find it easy to use and 52% will continue to keep using the app.

·     At the time of the survey, 48% have yet to download the app.

Top 4 reasons that are preventing people from downloading the app:
  1  .     31% won’t download the app due to concerns over their data. This is especially the case for people aged 35-44 at 39%.

  2 .     Over a quarter (23%) plan to download but haven’t gotten around to it yet.#

 3 .     17% do not plan to download it as they don’t believe there is a medical need. This is higher in males at 22% compared to females at 12%.

 4 .     14% don't have enough space for the app and 8% were not aware of the app until now. 10% of males are unaware of the app until now compared to females at 5%.

About iReach Insights

iReach Insights provides a range of research and market intelligence services in Ireland and Europe. iReach has built a Consumer Decisions Research Panel of 40,000 members in Ireland, delivering robust research insights.

The nationwide poll delivered 1,000 responses and is Nationally Representative by Age, Region, Gender and Socioeconomic demographics and ran between the 9th of July and the 16th of July 2020 and has a 2.5% Confidence Interval and 95% Confidence Level.

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