Thursday, 6 December 2018

Irish shoppers saved a total of €297 million over the Black Friday Weekend

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6th December 2018
Irish shoppers saved a total of €297 million over the Black Friday Weekend, with the Average Saving at €122 per person

65% of young adults say it was easy to overspend on Black Friday and Cyber Monday

Nonetheless, 84% estimated they saved up to €200 during the sales

With Black Friday Weekend having come and gone for 2018, iReach has conducted a nationally representative survey of 1001 people which highlights the mixed feelings Irish people have about the ever-growing shopping phenomenon. Of those asked, 51% of respondents shopped over the Black Friday Weekend.

For those who did partake, 84% believe that they saved as much as €200 in the sales with the average saving per person estimated to €122.

In total, it is estimated that Irish shoppers saved an enormous €297 million over Black Friday Weekend.

Black Friday at 72% remains by a large distance the most popular day of the sales weekend to spend money on, with only 27% spending on Cyber Monday. Although this figure is higher as would be expected among younger people at on 34%.

Additionally, 65% of young adults say that it was easy to overspend over the Black Friday Weekend, as only 25% felt that this year’s edition was useful for getting good deals on products.

Unsurprisingly, as has a been the trend over the last number of years, most shopping over Black Friday Weekend was conducted online rather than in-store (25% vs 16%). However, for over 55s in-store shopping remains the more popular option over online (19% vs 13%), whereas for 18-34-year-olds the reverse is true, with 31% shopping online compared to less than half this number, 14% who shop in-store. 56% of those asked believe that shopping in-store on Black Friday is not worth the hassle.

A great deal of scepticism remains around both Black Friday and Cyber Monday, with 43% who say they are nothing special for deals, as well only 22% believing Black Friday offers the lowest in-store prices of the year and just 17% who say that Cyber Monday offers the lowest online prices of the year.

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