Tuesday, 25 July 2017

About the Irish weather and how does it affect morale πŸ˜€πŸ˜ŠπŸ˜πŸ˜’

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58% of adults in Ireland like the weather here!

For 81%, the good weather makes them feel happy.

63% of adults in Ireland think that sometimes the weather affects their mood!

8% more females (57%) than males (49%) think the weather in Ireland is depressing.

74% of people think there is a connection between the weather and their mood/morale.

One in five (19%) of those affected by the weather, believe the good weather leads to a decrease in appetite.

Due to the Atlantic Ocean and the Gulf Stream, Ireland doesn’t suffer from the extremes of temperature – it’s never that cold and it’s definitely never that hot! The climate is mild throughout the year and changeable: The Emerald Isle’s weather is never predictable. The average number of "wet days" varies between 151 and 225 days per year depending on the region and the wettest months, in almost all areas are December and January. In a recent survey conducted by iReach Insights, 1000 adults were asked about their opinions Irish weather and whether this affects their mood.

Astonishingly, more than half (58%) of the adults surveyed said that they do like the Irish weather! The three top reasons for this were that the climate suits them (63%, 10% more males [68%] than females [58%]), it’s a habit as they’ve always lived in Ireland (51%) and because there are different weathers in the same day (25%). Of those who don’t like the weather (42%), their top reasons include; the difficulty to make any plans (60%), the weather is depressing (53%) or the weather changes too fast in one day (53%, 13% more females [59%] than males [46%]). Looks like women hate being surprised by the changing weather!

When asked “Does the weather affect your mood?” the respondents’ thoughts were as follows: 63% “Sometimes”, 24% “Yes” and 13% “No”. Additionally, our findings show 3 quarters (74%) of the Irish population think there is a connection between the weather and your mood, also revealing that 12% more females (80%) than males (68%) think there is a connection. These figures might make you wonder to what extent are these people affected by the good weather? Unsurprisingly, over three-quarters feel happy (81%), they want to go out more (69%) and they further want to be able to practice a physical activity more regularly (45%). Other interesting findings show of those affected by the good weather (74%) are that one in ten (10%) have decreased concentration in good weather and one in five (19%) have a decreased appetite.

With all the constant talk and complaining about the weather in this country, it’s surprising that 58% of people like the weather here in Ireland. There’s always a comment on the weather; in the summer, it’s too hot and in the Winter, it’s too cold!

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