Wednesday, 21 November 2018

Veganism is more about being trendy than being healthy, say 40% of young people, as 22% think the idea of being vegan or vegetarian is ridiculous.

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21st November 2018

  • Veganism is more about being trendy than being healthy, say 40% of young people, as 22% think the idea of being vegan or vegetarian is ridiculous.
  • 67% believe the number of vegans and vegetarians is constantly increasing.
  • Animal welfare, health reasons and environmental concerns behind drive to stop eating meat.

In recent years the food habits of Irish people have been changing. Far more focus and concern is now placed on what exactly is in the food we eat and where it comes from. As a result, many of us have altered our diets for a variety of causes. To find out what these reasons are, iReach has conducted a nationally representative survey to understand more about healthy eating in Ireland.

The findings demonstrate the increasing prominence of veganism and vegetarianism, with 67% of people feeling that the number of those not eating meat is constantly increasing. Whilst vegetarians for the most part do not eat meat or fish, a vegan refrains from eating any animal products at all, such as dairy.

This November has been World Vegan Month, highlighting just how far the vegan movement has come not just in Ireland but around the world.

59% of respondents have stopped eating meat over animal welfare concerns, including 73% of over 55s. 39% of males stated health reasons as the cause for their switch in diet compared with 30% of females, whereas 30% of females also cited environmental concerns for the change versus just 14% of males.

A recent study in the UK carried out by OnePoll for the supermarket chain Waitrose also found that animal welfare, health and the environment were the top factors in why people became vegans and vegetarians.

Despite research suggesting that plant-based diets are both healthier for individuals and the planet, a great deal skepticism around veganism and vegetarianism remains. 2 in 5 young people believe that veganism more about being trendy than it is about being healthy, with a further 22% who think the idea of plant-based diets as ridiculous.

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  1. I took up veganism because of seeing how harmful the dairy and egg industry can be. It's a bit disconcerting to see people see it as "trendy". But then, it doesn't surprise if people make the choice because of this rather for the very deep reasons so many of us become reason :(