Thursday, 8 November 2018

70% believe the Irish Government is not doing a sufficient job in easing the housing crisis.

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8th November 2018

70% believe the Irish Government is not doing a sufficient job in easing the housing crisis.

46% don’t think housing and homelessness are a priority of the current Government.

The findings of a nationally representative survey recently conducted by iReach highlight the pessimism of Irish people about the current state of housing and homelessness. The results also demonstrate a lack of faith from the public in the Government’s approach to the issue.

66% of people were not confident that Minister for Housing Eoghan Murphy’s most recent plan would be a successful mechanism to combat problems in the housing market. Under the proposal set to come into effect next June, landlords will be banned from renting properties on Airbnb in areas of high housing demand.

Furthermore, only 10% of respondents answered that the Government is doing sufficient work in ending the housing crisis, with 46% of the population who don’t think that housing and homelessness are among the Government’s priorities.

The most popular potential solution to tackle the housing crisis among all tested demographics is that of increasing housing supply building more accommodation (68%), with stricter rent controls (52%) also seen as a viable option alongside more co-operation with local authorities (53%). 

53% of those asked feel that the “Take Back The City” housing protest organisation has been successful in raising questions about the Irish property sector. The Connacht/Ulster the region views this question most favourably, with 62% believing in the group’s success.

Notably, only 28% of people agree with the occupation of private or public property as a form if demonstration, a method used frequently by the organization in recent months. Of older adults, 64% disagree with such occupations as a means of protest.

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