Monday, 11 May 2015

When buying online 77% of Irish people consider trust as most important

In March 2015 iReach Insights conducted a survey of 1,000 people regarding online shopping in Ireland. Our new survey has revealed trust (77%) is the factor that most likely encourage online purchases in Ireland, while 63% of Irish people say they would like to see the product in a good picture to see what they are buying and 56% say they would buy a product if it is cheaper online. Easy sales process (55%) and an easy returns policy (59%) are also very important for Irish consumers.

Recommendations, in-store visits and online review are the main influencers that causes strongest impact on online purchases in Ireland.

As for devices used when shopping online, laptop (77%) is the most popular amongst Irish online consumers, followed by desktop (53%), mobile phone (36%) and tablet (34%). Both tablets (up from 26% to 34%) and smartphones (up from 28% to 36%) continue to grow in popularity if compared to 2014.

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