Monday, 25 May 2015

Marriage Equality in Ireland - Overview

Our survey has revealed that 65% of Irish people plan to vote Yes, and 17% planning to vote No. A further 10% have yet to decide with 8% preferring not to say.

71% of Females plan to vote Yes compared to 55% of males with 27% of males siding with the No vote compared to only 10% of females.

21% of adults surveyed said they were not likely to vote on the Marriage Referendum with half of these (50%) eligible but not registered to vote on Friday. More females at 60% are not registered to vote compared to 40% of males.

Of those not intending to vote on Friday, 50% are eligible to vote but not registered, 20% are unable to vote while the remaining 30% feel the Referendum does not concern them.

Note to editors:  This survey of 1,000 adults is nationally representative by Age, Gender, Region and Social Class but is not structured as a Poll reflecting electoral or constituency voting.

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