Thursday, 20 February 2014

Niall Horan's crutches helps Twitter win at Brit Awards - while Netflix scares in France

Thanks to Niall Horan and his crutches, Twitter wins at Brit Awards

Last night’s Brit Awards, was one of the main events in the UK pop calendar. Television viewers were allowed to vote on Twitter for the Best British Video. It is the first time one of the big music awards was decided through social media. To ensure that the poll is not rigged, viewers were told only on the night how to vote and will need to tweet their choice using a special hashtag. No surprise for Irish Viewers that One Direction where with winners of the Best British Video with Niall Horan alone having 17.3 million Twitter followers. 

Tweets with mentions of Niall Horan and One Direction jumped from a daily average of 1,000 to over 30,000 last night more than any other act or performers on the night. Niall’s crutches also got a lot of mentions which helped drive Twitter traffic on the night. See the Twitter Topic Wheel from our Social Insights Platform looking at last nights Tweets

French TV execs running scared of Netflix

In France TV executives have called on the government to take "urgent measures" to guard them against the pending arrival of streaming services such as Netflix and tech giants like Google. The heads of France's three largest private TV networks, TF1, Canal+ and M6, are pursuing a meeting with the French Culture Minister and are appealing for action to protect their dominant market positions in France.

Box Set Marathons – The Netflix Effect

A comment on the stand-off between Netflix and broadband providers. The dispute centres on broadband providers, who offer their own on-demand services, asking Netflix to pay them for carrying its data. Netflix has so far refused, in spite of admitting customers are suffering delays and lower-quality pictures. However we are seeing the "Netflix effect" that has seen viewers increasingly taking in entire TV seasons in on-demand marathons. There is nothing wrong with binge-watching as a thoughtful, smart way to enjoy new shows when this time is right. 

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