Thursday, 6 February 2014

Facebook use by 8-16 year olds and launch of Paper

Facebook usage by kids and the launch of Page

New research suggests that 52 per cent of eight to 16-year-olds ignored Facebook's official minimum age limit of 13 when they joined. The report for online safety guide Knowthenet found that messaging applications for smartphones are also popular among children, with WhatsApp used by 40 per cent of eight- to 16-year-olds, BBM by 24 per cent and Snapchat by 11 per cent.

Facebook turned 10 this week and the company has unveiled Paper a new "personal newspaper" app. It is designed to provide news from established sources as well as the latest thoughts from friends. The app, called Paper, the launch of which coincides with the social network's 10th anniversary this week, is designed to give users a stream of news around their interests. Flipboard is seen as the market leader in the space when compared to Paper, Facebook's new app. If you our your business are big into Facebook then Paper might offer a better way than ever to consume and contribute to Facebook, while taking in a much broader picture of your interests, industryy or the world......

While Facebook celebrates it's 10th birthday the industry is still trying to get to terms with new forms of market dominance of Google The European Commission has reportedly signalled a peace deal after a three-year dispute with Google, accepting a third offer from the technology firm that would give rivals and advertisers greater screen prominence for their products and services. The agreement will pertain to both desktop and mobile use, and last for five years. Rivals and complainants in the case strongly criticised the proposed settlement, arguing that Google has outwitted the EU regulator.

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