Friday, 25 September 2020

 Only 28% thought the process was fair in how the points were calculated for this year’s Leaving Cert students and 49% weren’t sure if the process was fair or not.

58% of Students taking the Leaving Cert in 2020 obtained more points than expected.


Following the release of the Leaving Certificate results, iReach has surveyed adults in Ireland to determine their views on this matter and their opinion on the calculated grades. The nationwide survey ran between 3rd September and 10th September and received over 1,000 responses from adults on a nationally representative basis by age, region and gender.



·       Nearly half (47%) received points that were a little higher than expected with a further 11% receiving points that were much higher than expected.


·       29% received points that were lower than expected.


·       23% did not think the process was fair in how the points were calculated for this year’s Leaving Cert students.


·       59% agree that points were artificially increased this year due to ‘calculated grades’.


·       Over half (52%) agree that paying for grinds for this year’s Leaving Cert was a waste of money due to calculated grades.


·       36% believe it’s likely that there will be calculated grades for next year’s Leaving Cert students.


Commenting on the research, Oisin Byrne iReach MD states “Almost 60% of students sitting the leaving Cert this year obtained points higher than expected, but for the 29% of students that received lower points than expected, many feel they have been penalised by the Calculated Grades process.  59% of respondents believe the points were artificially inflated in 2020, so undermines trust in the whole process”


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