Thursday, 19 April 2018

๐Ÿ˜Ž๐ŸŒด69% are planning to go on holidays this year. Galway is the most popular destination for a staycation.๐ŸŒž

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  • Of those going on holiday, the majority (59%) are holidaying abroad, 18% are spending their holidays in Ireland and 23% are going on holidays in Ireland & abroad. 
  • Galway (32%) is the most popular summer holiday destination in Ireland this year. 2017 it was Kerry (36%).
  • Spain (32%) is the most popular summer destination abroad.
After a never-ending winter, this weekend hopefully will give Ireland a little taste of summer. The majority of people (61%) reveal that summer is their favourite season of the year. iReach Insights conducted a nationally representative survey and 1,000 adults were asked about their plans for summer, where they are going and how they organise their holidays.
This year, 69% of adults living in Ireland will go on summer holidays. From these, the majority is spending their (main) summer holidays abroad. 18% will stay in Ireland and 23% are lucky to do both.

Here are the TOP 5 summer destinations abroad: 1. Spain (32%), 2. Portugal (15%), 3. Italy (13%), 4. England (12%) and France (12%).
The TOP 5 destinations in Ireland changed a little bit compared to last year’s results. This year, Galway (32%) is on top, followed by Cork (29%), Kerry (24%), Dublin (21%) and Louth (19%). To compare, the TOP 5 from 2017: 1. Kerry (36%), 2. Galway (25%), 3. Cork (22%), 4. Mayo (22%) and 5. Wexford (20%).
What are the people who will holiday in Ireland going to do during their summer holidays? The majority (63%) will travel through Ireland; 46% will visit family & friends; 45% are going to see the beach; 33% will do some house and garden work, which they normally wouldn’t have time for.
Having a relaxed and carefree holiday is all about good planning and organisation. 27% book their flights abroad at least 6 months in advance, 38% of people book flights 3-5 months in advance; and 18% leave it to 1-2 months before their holidays and 9% leave to the very last minute (under month)!

The majority (82%) prefer to book their holidays online, while 14% like to book in a travel agency and only about 2% prefer to book over the phone.
While the minority (5%) state to spend their holidays alone, 44% will travel with their family, 35% with their partner and only 16% with friends.

Holidays can be expensive, especially in the peak summer months. 18% spend less than €500, 36% of people will spend somewhere between €500-€1000, 38% will spend about €1000-€2000 and 14% spend over €2000.
When asked “What do you enjoy about summer holidays?” the majority (78%) of people enjoy just relaxing. Other popular choices include eating out (57%), 53% enjoy the break from work and 43% enjoy going to the beach.
It seems that most people in Ireland are well prepared for their summer holidays and hopefully there will be some sunny weather in store for us this weekend!
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