Monday, 18 September 2017

Romantic Relationship at Irish work place 💓👫

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  • 38% of people have been involved in an innocent flirt with a colleague at work.
  • Of those (27%) who have a romantic relationship with a work colleague, 49% kept this a secret.
  • More than half (54%) of romances in the workplace end well.

In a recent survey conducted by iReach Insights, 1,000 adults were asked about having a romantic relationship in the workplace. Given the choice, most of us would probably prefer not to meet our partner in the workplace. It raises all sorts of issues, and some time it is a sensible idea to keep your personal and professional life separate, but nothing is ever that straightforward and sometimes we aren’t so sensible.

The survey questions were included in the Nationally Representative iReach Consumer Decisions Omnibus run between of 20thJune and the 28th of June and has and has a 3% Confidence Interval and 95% Confidence Level.

27% of adults have experienced a serious and romantic relationship with a work colleague. We noted a significant difference between the 35-54-year old (33%) and the 55+ (19%). This seems to show us that the culture is changing, and maybe the gap between work life and private life, nowadays it’s not so important and both are becoming more intertwined. Half (49%) of people kept the relationship a secret (at the beginning), 28% of people tried to keep the relationship a secret, but everyone found out and 23% went public from the start of the relationship

These figures might make you wonder have these people ever found themselves in an embarrassing situation because of this workplace romance? Astonishingly, only 18% say yes! And the most common reason to get embarrassed is that 62% get caught kissing.

Additionally, our findings revealing that two-thirds (65%) of those who had a romantic relationship at workplace confirm that the person they had it with had the same level position, 21% a higher position and 14% a lower position. 

Less surprisingly, in our survey, we also talked about fantasises with one in four people fantasising about having a romantic relationship with a work colleague. More males (34%), than females (18%) confess to this!

How did this relationship end? It is surprising to learn that only 12% ended badly. 54% have a happy ending and 34% of adults concerned say neither. Obviously, we can think after a break up this could potentially of had a negative impact on your career but 99% confirm that it didn’t!

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